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About video consultation

Dear patient,

with the advancement of telemedicine, I am pleased to offer video consultations. There are many advantages for you as a patient, as you do not have to make the long trip to my office and still receive a medical genetic consultation. To participate in a video consultation, you need a smartphone, tablet, notebook, or PC with a camera and microphone as well as internet access. The video consultation takes place via Doctolib.

Please send me the signed "Informed Consent for Genetic Counseling" for the video consultation and have your ID ready for verification at the beginning of the consultation. The items on the "Consultation Checklist" apply to both in-person and video consultations. A medical genetic consultation via video consultation is permitted in individual cases, if it is medically justifiable and the necessary medical care is ensured If you have booked a video consultation with me, I will check whether this is possible in your case. . If I cannot take responsibility for a video consultation in your case, I will inform you in good time and offer you an appointment for a personal consultation instead.

The documented collection of buccal swabs for paternity testing must be done in person. A video appointment is not possible in this case.

Your specialist in medical genetics
Dr. med. Anna N. Henkelmann

Frequently asked questions -­­­­ FAQ

How much time does a genetic consultation usually take?

The individual counseling session in my medical genetics doctor’s office may take any time between 30 to 120 minutes. This duration is independent if it is in person or via video call, but usually it is between 45 and 90 minutes. This time allows us to address all your questions and concerns thoroughly. The length of the consultation will vary depending on the specific medical questions and goals of the consultation, resulting in this flexible time ranging from 30 to 120 minutes. If necessary, further consultations may be arranged to ensure that all aspects can be discussed in detail.

How can I best prepare for an appointment with Dr. med. Anna N. Henkelmann?

In preparation for our consultation, it would be very helpful if you could send me case relevant medical reports, diagnoses or findings of you and your family members several days before our appointment. The best way to share the documents is via upload at Doctolib. Of course, you are welcome to make an appointment with me even if you don’t have any medical documents. In preparation for our meeting, please have a look at this checklist.

What is the sequence of events during a genetic counseling?

In a personal conversation in my medical genetics doctor’s office or via video call, you will have the opportunity to discuss individual questions and concerns about genetic conditions in detail. As a specialist in medical genetics, I am there to clarify your concerns and discuss possible next steps. The typical process of a medical genetic consultation includes: 

  1. Clarification of your concerns and the goals of the consultation.
  2. Creation of a family tree over three generations including the medical history of your family.
  3. Discussing the disease as well as existing findings and medical reports.
  4. Indication of next steps, such as the possibility of laboratory testing, if required. As soon as the lab result is available, you will be informed about the meaning of the result and the early detection and treatment options available to you. Possible implications of the test result for family members and future generations will also be discussed.

Is genetic counseling an option for me?

There are several reasons why genetic counseling may be valuable to you:

  • You are concerned about the risk of a known or suspected genetic disease for yourself or your children.
  • You have been diagnosed with a genetic condition and would like to learn more about it.
  • An increasing number of tumor diseases are known or have occurred in your family (in the best case, you have findings of affected relatives).
  • Your child has been diagnosed with a physical and/or mental developmental delay.
  • You are affected by infertility, have experienced frequent miscarriages, or are planning to undergo infertility treatment.
  • Pregnancy abnormalities were detected during first trimester screening or detailed ultrasound.
  • You would like to receive genetic counseling prior to a planned pregnancy and/or regarding possible age-related risks or consequences.
  • You and your partner are related and would like information about possible risks to your future offspring.

Of course, there are other reasons for seeking medical genetic counseling. You can also find an extended list of my services here.If you are unsure whether genetic counseling is an option for you, please contact me using the contact form or by phone.

How can I schedule an appointment at the medical genetics doctor’s office of Dr. med. Anna N. Henkelmann?

You can easily schedule a genetic counseling appointment online at any time by using my Doctolib profile at any time. You can choose between a consultation in person at my office in Berlin or a remote consultation via video call. I also offer flexible evening and Saturday appointments. If you can’t find a suitable appointment in my Doctolib calendar, please contact me via the contact form or by phone.

Who can be counseled in the medical genetics doctor’s office of Dr. med. Anna N. Henkelmann?

My medical genetics doctor’s office is a private practice open to both privately insured and self paying patients. Of course, those who have public health insurance are also welcome – the billing will then be done based on a private invoice. With the possibility of offering appointments in my Berlin office as well as flexible appointments via video call, patients outside the city limits of Berlin are also invited to schedule an appointment for a genetic consultation with me. In addition to German, consultations are offered in English, French and Polish as well.

Who will pay for the genetic counseling?

In my medical genetics doctor’s office in Berlin, I offer medical genetics counseling to privately insured, self-paying patients. Private health insurance companies usually cover the cost of the consultation. However, it is advisable to check with your private health insurance company prior to using this service to ensure that the costs will be covered in your case. Please note that human genetics often involves complex diseases that require intensive consultation and, according to the ‘Gebührenordnung für Ärzte’ (GOÄ), justify a billing factor of 3.5. My fee is based on the time I need to prepare for our meeting, research and write your consultation letter, and the duration of our consultation. Please feel free to contact me for further information.
In addition, I also offer a documented collection of samples for paternity testing in my medical genetics doctor’s office. The cost of documented sampling is €39 per person. Laboratory costs will be added. It is possible to get both simple paternity tests for private use and paternity reports that can be used in German courts.

Is there barrier-free access to the medical genetics doctor’s office?

My office is located in an old building on the 3rd floor. Unfortunately, the access is not barrier-free. However, you still have the option to receive genetic counseling via video call. It is completely flexible and independent of your location. You can easily book an appointment for this via my Doctolib profile.

What happens after genetic counseling?

After our genetic consultation, I will be happy to summarize the most important information from our session in a personal and understandable letter. This will not only give you a clear overview of the topics we discussed but it will also give you the opportunity to clarify any questions you may have in a follow-up conversation.

If after the consultation you decide to have a genetic laboratory test, I will ask the laboratory for a cost estimate and send it to you so that you can check whether the cost will be covered by your private health insurance or subsidy and, in self-pay mode, you will know what costs you can expect. The sample will be collected after the reimbursement has been clarified, the cost estimate has been approved, and your consent to genetic testing has been obtained.

For healthy individuals, the sample must be taken by me on site. For symptomatic individuals, the sample can be collected and sent to the laboratory by me, by the family physician or by other treating physicians. In my medical genetics doctor’s office, I work with certified and renowned laboratories in Germany. Please let me know if you would prefer a specific laboratory to perform your analysis.

As soon as the laboratory results are available, we can discuss them. It is also possible to discuss the laboratory results with me if the sample was collected by another treating physician. You are welcome to contact me or make an appointment via my Doctolib profile as soon as you have got the laboratory results.

When discussing the results, I will explain the significance of the results for you and possible hereditary implications for future generations. When a laboratory test reveals a disease or disorder, or even the possibility of a disease or disorder, it can understandably cause considerable emotional distress for the individual and those around them. Therefore, it is very important to me not only to support you during the genetic counseling, but to also provide you with my best medical expertise and advice if you have any questions after our appointment.

What distinguishes patients from those seeking advice?

Patients are individuals who have already been diagnosed with symptoms and a genetic cause is suspected. In contrast, individuals seeking advice do not have the disease themselves, but rather want to find out about their risk of developing the disease and genetic factors through medical genetic counseling.

What documents are required for a paternity/relationship test?

Please have a look at this checklist to make sure you will arrive with all necessary documents. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me using the contact form or by phone.

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Your medical geneticist
Dr. med. Anna N. Henkelmann, Specialist in medical genetics