Dr. med. Anna N. Henkelmann
Specialist medical practice for medical genetics in Berlin

Dear patients,

I am delighted to welcome you to my website. In my medical genetics doctor’s office in Berlin, I offer medical genetic consultations in person near boulevard Kurfürstendamm or conveniently online as a video consultation. You are welcome to book your desired appointment for your genetic counseling via Doctolib. Please note that I can only offer my services to privately insured and self-paying patients. If you are pregnant and no appointment is available at short notice, please contact me by phone.

Your Dr. med. Anna N. Henkelmann (specialist in medical genetics)

Welcome to my medical genetics doctor’s office!

Are you looking for empathic, individualized, and qualified medical genetic counseling? Your concerns are the focus of my attention. I will listen to you carefully and take the time to understand your wishes. I will support you in a pleasant atmosphere so that you can make your decisions in a self-determined and informed manner. You will receive comprehensive counseling without any pressure to undergo genetic laboratory testing. Together we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages as well as the possibilities and limitations of these tests. Whether in person at my medical genetics doctor’s office in Berlin or conveniently via video consultation from anywhere – flexible office hours, including evenings and Saturdays, are a matter of course for me. I look forward to being with you on your journey and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding your genetic concerns.

Your specialist in medical genetics
Dr. med. Anna N. Henkelmann

My services


Medical genetic counseling
– in person or via video call

Initiation of diagnostic
tests in the laboratory


Personal discussion
of laboratory results

The course of your genetic consultation


1. Scheduling an appointment & contacting me

Have you decided to make use of my genetic counseling services? Then you can schedule your appointment conveniently online and at any time via the well-known doctor’s portal Doctolib. You have the choice between a personal consultation in my office in Berlin or the flexibility of a video call from anywhere in the world. Appointments are also available on Saturdays, either in person or over a video call.

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2. Prepare for your appointment

To ensure that you and I are optimally prepared for our appointment, please send me the relevant reports and findings as early as possible. You are welcome to use the easy-to-use upload service at Doctolib. A PDF document is available to help you prepare for your genetic counseling session. It contains all relevant information in a compact form.

Download the checklist here.

3. Individual consultation

The consultation can take place in my doctor’s office in Berlin or conveniently over a video call. During the consultation we are clarifying your concerns and the purpose of the consultation, drawing your personal pedigree over three generations, including your family's medical history, and discussing the disease(s) in detail.

More about genetic counseling
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4. Sample collection

After the genetic consultation, I will be happy to contact the appropriate laboratory to obtain a cost estimate for any laboratory testing that may be required. Please take the time you need to decide if genetic testing is right for you. For healthy individuals, the sample must be collected at my office. In case of symptomatic individuals, the sample can be collected and sent to the laboratory by me, but also by your family doctor or another treating physician.

I only work with accredited and qualified laboratories in Germany. Please let me know if you prefer a specific laboratory for your analysis.

5. Discussion of results & their meaning

After receiving the laboratory results, I will discuss the results with you in detail. You can also have this final consultation with me even if the sample was collected by your treating physician.

The aim of this consultation is to explain and assess the significance of the laboratory results for you, your family members, and future generations.

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Book an appointment for a personal consultation via video call or in my doctor’s office in Berlin. Book conveniently online at Doctolib. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Your specialist in medical genetics
Dr. med. Anna N. Henkelmann